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Image of 4FRNT KYE95 Skis

4FRNT KYE95 Skis

Kye Petersen narrowed the waistline on this model but didn''t take away any of its ability to out perform its wider counterparts. The extended taper and rocker tip shape float in the widest variety of snow conditions while keeping the skier forward on the tips. With the lowest tail height in its class, the 95''s extended running surface and shorter turn radius make this the "best in class" for the KYE series in firm to variable conditions. When looking for a lightweight solution to an everyday all mountain or touring ski, the KYE95 is your shape. * Technology: VibeVeil * Construction: Semi-Cap * Sidewall: ABS * Camber Profile: Camber with Rocker * Core Laminate: Pop Core * Core Ingredients: Poplar & Paulownia * Base Materials: Sintered Carbon * Made in Europe * Artist: Devin Soisson

Price: 599.99 from The House

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The House 4FRNT KYE95 Skis 599.99 Visit Store

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