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Image of 8BPLUS Boulder Bag

8BPLUS Boulder Bag

Careful, if you bring the 8BPlus Boulder Bag to the boulder fields, there's a large chance that all the other climbers will attack it with pitchforks. It's a shame really, because this is the friendliest boulder bag out there, with multiple pockets to...

Image of 8BPLUS Chalk Bag

8BPLUS Chalk Bag

You don't have to be scared of any climb, because the 8BPlus Chalk Bag is the real monster, and when it's strapped to your behind, you better climb as fast as you can. As time passes, you'll understand that 8BPlus' monsters are as friendly as a teddy...

Image of 8BPLUS Maxi Climbing Pack

8BPLUS Maxi Climbing Pack

Are you wearing the 8BPlus Maxi Climbing Pack, or is this monster wearing you' Either way, both you and this bag are bound to have the best times at the crag. The Maxi is large enough to carry your rope, draws, harness, and shoes, and there's a zippered...

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