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Image of ARVA Access Shovel

ARVA Access Shovel

When you're looking for durability and simplicity in your backcountry kit, load up the Arva Access Shovel. Aluminum construction keeps it weighing in at under a pound while offering the rigidity you need for chopping through dense debris. It may not be...

Image of ARVA Access TS Shovel

ARVA Access TS Shovel

The backcountry is calling and it's about time you answered--but not until you've got your safety kit together. Throw your Arva Access TS Shovel in your pack along with your beacon and your probe and start exploring the mysterious land beyond groomed...

Image of ARVA Action Short XV

ARVA Action Short XV

Groundbreaking big mountain snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue loves shredding in exposed, icy terrain where big checks and tumbles can leave him seriously beat up. To combat this, he worked with Arva to create the Action Short XV. It's basically a stretchy,...

Image of ARVA Action Vest

ARVA Action Vest

Keeping your spine safe when pushing your limits on skis or a snowboard is always a good move, but rocking a stiff, clunky back protector can be pretty unappealing. That's where the Arva Action Vest comes in. It sports a flexible panel over the spine,...

Image of ARVA Action Vest - Kids'

ARVA Action Vest - Kids'

Until protective safety bubbles are invented, the very least you can do to protect your growing grom is to outfit them with the Arva Kids' Action Vest. The Action Vest features a Level 1 safety rating to give you peace of mind when Junior is flying through...

Image of ARVA Alp 240 Probe

ARVA Alp 240 Probe

Your Arva Alp 240 Probe is a solid, reliable probe essential for safe backcountry travel. Weighing only 7. 4oz, the Alp 240 won't feel like a brick in your backpack, and the rack locking system is quick and easy to deploy.

Image of ARVA Axe V2


Your Arva Axe V2 Shovel brings durability and efficiency to a low-profile and relatively lightweight design. The lightweight and tough aluminum construction helps keep your pack light and remains reliable when it matters most. Meanwhile, Arva's unique...

Image of ARVA Axio Beacon

ARVA Axio Beacon

The Axio Beacon is Arva's most advanced avalanche transceiver designed for avid backcountry skiers who strive for the safest gear available. Unlike most beacons, even those with three antennas, the Axio's three antennas work simultaneously to provide...

Image of ARVA Backpack Helmet Holder

ARVA Backpack Helmet Holder

Clip your favorite brain bucket to the outside of your backcountry pack with the Arva Backpack Helmet Holder. Ideal for long uphill skins where stashing your helmet is essential, this helmet holder keeps clips to the lateral compression straps found on...

Image of ARVA Calgary 22 Backpack

ARVA Calgary 22 Backpack

Explore the side country or go on short tours with the Arva Calgary 22 Backpack, and be prepared for whatever the day brings. A spacious main compartment holds your layers as you start to shed them, and a separate pocket keeps your shovel, probe, and...

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