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Image of Acme Hyper-Glide - Silver

Acme Hyper-Glide - Silver

Each time you let Acmes Hyper-Glide fall, built-in functional fins and gills open and close, letting the lure fall naturally in a swimming motion. Constructed of injected, molded plastic in realistic patterns that fool trophy fish. Perfect for vertical

Image of Acme Kastmaster XL Lure - Stainless Steel

Acme Kastmaster XL Lure - Stainless Steel

Cast, trolled or jigged, this slender-bodied lure entices strikes from stripers, seatrout, salmon and other predatory game fish. Stainless steel split rings. Ultrastrong VMC treble hooks. Per each. Sizes: 3-1/2 3/4 oz., 4 1-1/4 oz., 4-1/2 1-1/2 oz.

Image of Acme Little Cleo Classic Spoons Kit - Nickel

Acme Little Cleo Classic Spoons Kit - Nickel

Acmes Little Cleo Classic Spoon Kit has been an angler staple for over 30 years and now available in an assortment of four time-tested favorites. Proven deadly on salmon, steelhead, trout and a variety of other predatory game fish. Unique hump-backed

Image of Acme Little Cleo Pro Pak Four-Pack - Chartreuse

Acme Little Cleo Pro Pak Four-Pack - Chartreuse

Trigger strikes from walleye, bass, northern pike, salmon and all of the Great Lakes trout with Acmes Little Cleo Pro Pak. Seductive wiggle action creates the illusion of a fat baitfish swimming erratically irresistible to any game fish. Includes one...

Image of Acme Phoebe Spinning Spoon - Silver

Acme Phoebe Spinning Spoon - Silver

With its hydrodynamic curvature, Acmes Phoebe Spinning Spoon creates a three-dimensional illusion, driving fish from small trout to walleye and bass crazy. Fish fast, slow, deep or shallow the possibilities are endless for this spoon lure that looks just

Image of Acme Stee-Lee Spoons - Copper

Acme Stee-Lee Spoons - Copper

Perfect in streams and rivers all over the northwest, Acme Stee-Lee Spoons are field-proven to draw aggressive strikes out of steelhead and salmon. These spoons work their best magic drifting on a tight line near the bottom of a stream. Wobbling motion

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