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Image of AeroJig Beau Mac Jig - Chartreuse

AeroJig Beau Mac Jig - Chartreuse

The AeroJig Beau Mac Jig has a glowing resum of bringing in salmon and steelhead throughout the Northwest and Canada. The closely guarded secret lies in the custom-formulated beads, which appear to light up under water. Combined with its UV- and

Image of AeroJig Fireflies Jig - Black/Chartreuse

AeroJig Fireflies Jig - Black/Chartreuse

Light up the water with a strike-tempting glow. This jig comes with a light stick inside a plastic sleeve thats attached to the shank of the jigs hook. Remove the light stick, bend it until it cracks and reinsert it into the jigs plastic sleeve. Cast...

Image of AeroJig Hackle Jig - Chartreuse

AeroJig Hackle Jig - Chartreuse

This premium jig features customized 1/0 Gamakatsu hooks, premium feathers and powder-painted head. Its versatility is proven across the board for any type of water and for almost every species of fish, but is particularly effective on steelhead. Per

Image of Aerojig Jigheads - White

Aerojig Jigheads - White

Aerojigs lead Jigheads make your live bait all the more enticing. Custom Gamakatsu hooks made from 1/0 wire wont let the fish of a lifetime get away. Per 3. Sizes: 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz. Colors: (002)Black, (003)White, (004)Cerise, (005)Pearl Pink, (007)Peach

Image of AeroJig Marabou Jig - Red/Black

AeroJig Marabou Jig - Red/Black

The magic of marabou is in full effect on these jigs. Put it in water and the marabou comes alive with movement that mesmerizes fish into striking. Per each. Sizes: 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz. Colors: (101)Black, (105)Black/Flame, (107)Red/Black, (113)Hot Pink

Image of Aerojig PW Jig - Pink

Aerojig PW Jig - Pink

Tie your own salmon or steelhead jigs with these powder-painted and scent-free jigheads, or use them as standard jigheads. The extra-sharp and super-strong Gamakatsu hook with worm keeper delivers premium performance. Per 3. Sizes: 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz.

Image of AeroJig Steelhead Worms - (928)Bubblegum

AeroJig Steelhead Worms - (928)Bubblegum

Boasting concave heads that conform to your jigs, AeroJigs Steelhead Worms are perfect for float fishing. The concave head ensures a smooth transition from the jighead to the worm body, resulting in a super-lifelike appearance. Ribbed bodies feature

Image of AeroJig Twitchin' Jig - Chartreuse

AeroJig Twitchin' Jig - Chartreuse

Sure to become your fishing favorite, the Twitchin Jig combines this tempting trio: a marabou flash, wiggling rubber legs and custom-dyed rabbit fur. The razor-sharp and super-strong hook sinks in and holds fast. Per each. Sizes: 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz. Colors

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