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Image of Allchin 1911 C-More Comp Mount

Allchin 1911 C-More Comp Mount

Single side design helps eliminate ejection interference. Front deflector shield protects the lens from blast residue. Attaches to the dust cover using five screws for rigid mounting. Includes a removable thumb rest. Accepts C-More Railway and C-more...

Image of Allchin Ruger~ .22 Rimfire Handgun C-More Mount

Allchin Ruger~ .22 Rimfire Handgun C-More Mount

Lightweight, machined aluminum mount allows you to install a C-More Railway or C-more Slide ride red dot sight on any factory drilled and tapped Ruger .22 rimfire handgun. No gunsmithing required; simply attach the mount to the gun and then the C-More...

Image of Allchin S&W Revolver Mini Sts Scope Mounts

Allchin S&W Revolver Mini Sts Scope Mounts

Features: Mini Red Dot Mount for S&W Revolvers Fits the C-More STS, Burris Fast Fire, JPoint, Optima 2000, Leupold Delta Point, and Sig red dots Fits any pre-drilled S&W Revolver Manufactured from solid T-6 aluminum bar stock Etched and...

Image of Allchin X Scope Mount

Allchin X Scope Mount

Single side mount that accepts C-more Railway or Slide ride optics without modification. Preserves use of iron sights with the red dot mounted - and still leaves right side of slide clear for case ejection. Machined from solid aluminum bar stock for light...

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