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Image of Ara- Mor M14/M1a Bore Guide

Ara- Mor M14/M1a Bore Guide

Centers and supports your cleaning rod close to the rifle's muzzle. Taper machined to provide an exact fit inside the flash suppressors on M14/M1A Match Rifles. Mfg: Ara- Mor SPECS: Aluminum 3-5/8" (9.2cm) long. Max. rod diameter: .260".

Image of Ara- Mor Throat Erosion Gauge

Ara- Mor Throat Erosion Gauge

Gives accurate, comparative readings on actual barrel throat erosion for all M1, M14 and M1A .30-06 and 7.62mm Nato, High Power Service Rifles. Insert in empty chamber and take reading every 1,000 rounds to accurately measure and track barrel throat erosion....

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