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Image of Arbogast Buzz Plug - White

Arbogast Buzz Plug - White

Its unique floating design lets you pause it near fish-holding structures. When still, the front blade rises up out of the water for an action fish have never seen before. This motion puts the hooks into position for the spilt-second strike. Retrievals

Image of Arbogast Hula Popper - Red/White

Arbogast Hula Popper - Red/White

A favorite for decades, the success of the Hula Popper by Arbogast comes from its fish-attracting commotion on top of the water and the lifelike action of its hula skirt. Working fast or creating a commotion in one place without moving the popper very

Image of Arbogast Topwater Kit

Arbogast Topwater Kit

Now you can carry a set of deadly topwaters lures that are ready to take on any fishing conditions. With the legendary Arbogast Topwater lures you can create attractive, mouthwatering presentations that both smallmouth and largemouth bass cant resist.

Image of Arbogast XL Jitterbug - White

Arbogast XL Jitterbug - White

The famous back-and-forth wobbling action has made the Jitterbug a mainstay in the tackle box of fishermen chasing bass, pike and muskie. And these extra-large offerings are some of the meanest to date. The offset front hooks of the XL Jitterbug ensure

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