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Image of Bagley Lures Balsa B - Chartreuse

Bagley Lures Balsa B - Chartreuse

Whether you choose to imitate small forage in light to medium cover or present the look and motion of medium forage that larger bass prey on, Bagleys Balsa B lures serve as the perfect bait for enticing hungry largemouths. Keep the Balsa B1 moving to

Image of Bagley Lures Bang O B - Silver

Bagley Lures Bang O B - Silver

Draw a strike from deep-dwelling predators with Bagly Lures Bang O B. The tough lexan lip takes its solid hardwood body down to 30. Hand tuned to run true in a wide speed range. Heavy duty split rings and treble hooks are ready to take on the hardest

Image of Bagley Monster Shad - Yellow

Bagley Monster Shad - Yellow

If youre fishing for the biggest predators youll want Bagleys Monster Shad, the top-selling big predator bait, in your arsenal. The vulnerable hand-tuned action is just the feast theyre looking for. Troll at varied speeds to vary swim depths from 10 to

Image of Bagley Shaky Jighead - Clear

Bagley Shaky Jighead - Clear

Built to maximize your control of the action and increase direct contact with the bait. The innovative flat spot allows you to twitch the jig and gyrate the finesse worm. Plus, it holds the hook shank at the optimum 45 angle for more solid, consistent

Image of Bagley Ukko - Orange

Bagley Ukko - Orange

Give the big boys something they havent see before with the Bagley Ukko. The beaver-tail-shaped bait has an arched back delivering a wide rolling swimming action pause and jerk to drive the big ones insane. True tracking ensures it wont spin out or flip

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