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Image of Benchrite Stabilfeet

Benchrite Stabilfeet

Stabilfeet come in two different sizes and are stainless steel rest foot bases with neoprene rubber on the bottom side. The top dimple holds the rest foot point with no wobble, and the neoprene is extremely stable on the bench surfaces of concrete, wood...

Image of Benchrite Super Bolt Lube

Benchrite Super Bolt Lube

Long used by competitive shooters to help bolt rifles cycle with less effort, this updated version of Dave Dohrman's original bolt lube recipe is specially formulated to adhere to metal better and keep the bolt running smoothly longer after many other...

Image of Benchrite Tru-Kote Benchrest Stock Tape

Benchrite Tru-Kote Benchrest Stock Tape

Many benchrest shooters use tape on the forend and buttstock of their rifles to help the stock slide smoother in the bags. The tape also protects the stock surfaces from being scratched by Cordura bags. We carry two types of stock tape kits - the traditional...

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