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Image of BioSpawn ExoStick Pro - Silver

BioSpawn ExoStick Pro - Silver

Stimulate bass to aggressively strike with Biospawns ExoStick Pro. Jointed exoskeleton and slightly tapered tail give this stick bait extra wobble when twitched. Heavy salt and soft plastic offer a fast sink rate. Ideal for Texas rig, Carolina rig, wacky

Image of BioSpawn PlasmaTail Worm - Purple

BioSpawn PlasmaTail Worm - Purple

Wary bass cant resist the enticing action of a BioSpawn PlasmaTail Worm. Perfect for drop-shot fishing and other finesse techniques. A wide array of colors gives you the perfect options for clear and murky water. Per 10. Sizes: 4.5, 5.5. Colors

Image of BioSpawn VileCraw - Silver

BioSpawn VileCraw - Silver

BioSpawns VileCraw is one of the most versatile on the market. Its unique claw design delivers aggressive action, while the paddle-tail antenna wiggles on the fall. Innovative hook slots for fewer snags and more hooksets. Per 7. Size: 4. Colors

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