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Image of Bliz Air Goggle

Bliz Air Goggle

Take a millisecond or two to appreciate the views through the Bliz Air Goggle when you launch off the terrain park's biggest kicker. With an extra-wide field of view, this frameless goggle makes sure you can see the parking lot in your peripherals as...

Image of Bliz Arrow Sunglasses

Bliz Arrow Sunglasses

When your favorite run starts out in the sunny valley, enters the trees, and winds up and down the mountain before circling back along the banks of the river, you need eye protection that offers flexibility when it comes to features. Que up the Bliz Arrow...

Image of Bliz Edge Goggle

Bliz Edge Goggle

Nobody will see the tears your eyeballs squished out when you face-plant with the Bliz Edge Goggles on your face. Its double-lens design and the anti-fog treatment reduce all the fog buildup created from your tears' evaporated moisture, so that way you...

Image of Bliz Flow Goggles

Bliz Flow Goggles

Bluebird or whiteout storm days--you'll ride in any condition with the Bliz Flow Goggles and whatever lens works best for each condition. The flexible frame lets you switch lenses out on the chairlift if the conditions change in the blink of an eye. The...

Image of Bliz Force Photochromic Sunglasses

Bliz Force Photochromic Sunglasses

As the wind whips your face like a pony swats its tail aggressively at flies, you're made incredibly aware of the fact that your shades not only don't fit, but they're pinching your nose like nobody's business, which that bitter cold breeze has made you...

Image of Bliz Force Sunglasses

Bliz Force Sunglasses

Most sunglasses will perform well during the first two or three miles of an intense hike or trail run, but seven or eight miles of intense moving will really separate the wheat from the chaff. In order for a pair of sunglasses to perform during the entirety...

Image of Bliz Rapid Photochromic Sunglasses

Bliz Rapid Photochromic Sunglasses

When you spend half the time during your 25k trail run pushing your too-big-for-your-face sunnies up and out of your eyes, it's bound to create various elements of friction, be it your face or your mood. Thankfully the folks over at Bliz crafted a pair...

Image of Bliz Rapid Sunglasses

Bliz Rapid Sunglasses

Long runs can leave your sunglasses sliding down your face, foggy from sweat, and eventually stuffed inside your chest pack. Designed to eliminate fogging, block sweat, and offer long-lasting comfort, the Bliz Rapid Sunglasses will be one pair of shades...

Image of Bliz Sprint Sunglasses

Bliz Sprint Sunglasses

When you participated in your first triathlon you were lucky to have remembered the bare minimum--like your swim suit, or even your bike--but now you're a seasoned pro with a whole list of triathlon essentials--like the Bliz Sprint Sunglasses. Designed...

Image of Bliz Tempo Small Face Sunglasses - Women's

Bliz Tempo Small Face Sunglasses - Women's

If you change out the Bliz Women's Tempo Small Face Sunglasses' lens, and then replace the temples with the goggle strap, is it still the same Tempo Sunglasses' All-around active adventurers, the Tempos are the lightest pair of sunglasses in the Bliz...

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Keep your essentials at hand for a quick refresher with the Marc JacobsĀ® Stripes Printed Trooper Framed Big Bliz Cosmetic Bag. . Cosmetic bag made of 100% nylon in a decorative striped design. . Top zip closure with decorative pull tassels. . Brand...

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