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Image of Body Harness

Body Harness

Bring a fresh perspective to your filming with Reel Camera's Body Harness. Comfortable to wear and easy to use, the body harness delivers astonishingly smooth action shots. Working as a chest mount, it's great for any activity where your feet are pointed...

Image of HED Freehub Body

HED Freehub Body

Whether you're swapping drivetrains on your trusty steed or upgrading an old freehub that's no longer performing as you'd like, the HED Freehub Body offers a reliable replacement for the freehub body of your HED 545 hub. The 5-pawl driver is impressively...

Image of HED XD Driver Body

HED XD Driver Body

If you're running a SRAM one-by drivetrain but aren't ready to surrender your top speed gears, the HED XD Driver Body will convert your wheels to accommodate a 10t cog. After all, what good is the simplicity and lower weight of a one-by setup if your...

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