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Image of ACS Crossfire BMX Freewheel

ACS Crossfire BMX Freewheel

If you're in search of a BMX freewheel, then the ACS Crossfire BMX Freewheel is just the thing for you. This durable cold forged CNC machined freewheel has a three-pawl engagement for stronger hold with engagement every 12 degrees, and a removal notch...

Image of Acs Main Drive 1/8in Bike Freewheel

Acs Main Drive 1/8in Bike Freewheel

For going from a fixed bike to a freewheel, grab the ACS Main Drive conversion kit for all your free-spirited needs in the bike shop. * English threads, 1.37" x 24tpi * Cassette Body Type: Threaded Standard * Chain Compatibility: 1/2" x 1/8" * Freewheel...

Image of Dicta Metric 3/32in BMX Freewheel 14T

Dicta Metric 3/32in BMX Freewheel 14T

Dicta freewheels for metric threads on flip/flop hubs Key Features of the Dicta Metric 3/32in BMX Freewheel 14T: Freewheel Teeth: 14 teeth Freewheel Thread: Metric Cassette Body Type: Threaded Metric Chain Compatibility: 3/32"/1/2" x 1/8" Intended...

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