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Image of Chinook Footstrap External Velcro Adjustment

Chinook Footstrap External Velcro Adjustment

Adjustments are fast and easy with a convenient external Velcro system. Comfort is key with a pre-formed arch to eliminate collapsing and super plush Span-Flex neoprene. Compatible with both single and double hole footstrap inserts.

Image of Dakine Core Contours System Footstrap White

Dakine Core Contours System Footstrap White

The weather conditions can be just right and your sail can be ready to harness the wind but if you can't stay on your board your ride will end before it even begins. The Dakine Core Contours System Footstrap is ready to help you lock in, grab on and take...

Image of Dakine Primo Windsurf Footstrap

Dakine Primo Windsurf Footstrap

The Dakine Primo Windsurf Footstrap is exactly quality you are looking for and it's easy to use. It's the classic footstrap from Dakine that is light weight, has a cushy cover, and holds it shape very well. The external adjustment system It's the ultimate...

Image of Dakine Pro Form Footstrap

Dakine Pro Form Footstrap

Best for Beginners or rentals, this footstrap is designed for comfort and security with neoprene padding and a pre-formed arch.* Pre-formed arch prevents collapsing * 7mm Neoprene padding * External adjustment system * Single or double insert compatibility...

Image of Dakine Slim Footstrap White

Dakine Slim Footstrap White

This Dakine Slim Footstrap will feel like heaven for your feet. The contoured footstrap features a lightweight construction and minimal absorption so that you can windsurf for many hours with little fatigue. Made with molded dual density foam, this sturdy...

Image of Dakine Twist Control System Footstrap Tabs

Dakine Twist Control System Footstrap Tabs

As the sun glitters also the water and the wind skims over the surface you know the conditions are just right to get out your board and go for a ride. When you're ready to lift up your sail and catch a breeze you want to be certain that you've got a solid...

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