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Image of Accupro Pistol Pac

Accupro Pistol Pac

Jointed sections break down and conveniently fit in the oversize, hollow, easy-to-grab handle. Stores in your range bag or pocket so you can clean handgun bores anywhere. Mfg: Accupro SPECS: Includes plastic handle with collet tip, 8- 1/2" (21cm) long...

Image of Accupro Pro Jags

Accupro Pro Jags

Exclusive, rubber O-Ring gently centers the jag and patch in the muzzle, and all the way through the bore, to help prevent muzzle damage. Pointed, brass jag firmly holds all types of patches for efficient swabbing during cleaning. 12 gauge, 8 - 32 fits...

Image of Accupro Pro Jag Set

Accupro Pro Jag Set

Deluxe hardwood presentation case keeps Pro Jags neatly organized and ready for use. Contains nine brass jags, each with a safety-glide O-ring to center the jag so the metal never touches the delicate rifling. Helps prevent damage to bore or crown. Pointed...

Image of Allen Co Inc Tool Box Cleaning Kit

Allen Co Inc Tool Box Cleaning Kit

Specifically designed cleaning kit contains all the components necessary for keeping tactical rifles, pistols, and shotguns in proper working order. This 65 piece cleaning kit is housed inside a molded plastic box with dual latches on the lid has and...

Image of Allison Tool Speed Brush & Speed Mop

Allison Tool Speed Brush & Speed Mop

Replaceable, high-quality nylon brushes and bore mops on a durable handle provide all-at-once brushing and lubrication for most popular revolvers. Mfg: Allison Tool SPECS: Black, nylon plastic handle 4" (10cm) long, 9" (27cm) OAL. 8-32 tpi.

Image of Ara- Mor M14/M1a Bore Guide

Ara- Mor M14/M1a Bore Guide

Centers and supports your cleaning rod close to the rifle's muzzle. Taper machined to provide an exact fit inside the flash suppressors on M14/M1A Match Rifles. Mfg: Ara- Mor SPECS: Aluminum 3-5/8" (9.2cm) long. Max. rod diameter: .260".

Image of Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil

Originally created for military use, Ballistol has been used extensively in Europe for over ninety years to keep firearms clean and free of troublesome lead, copper, and powder residue. Cleans & dissolves traces of copper, lead, brass, and zinc. Lubricates...

Image of Bear Metal Clean G-Tip Cotton Applicator

Bear Metal Clean G-Tip Cotton Applicator

Industrial strength cotton swabs are wound tight to withstand serious gun cleaning. Makes easy work when cleaning and lubricating barrel chambers, bores, bolt lugs, and numerous other jobs. Low lint design doesn't leave behind fibers when applying stock...

Image of Benchrite Super Bolt Lube

Benchrite Super Bolt Lube

This refined formula of Dave Dohrman's original bolt lube recipe still is a champ at reducing metal-to-metal friction, and it's been enhanced to adhere better to metal surfaces and stay on the bolt longer. Just a small amount of Super Bolt Lube really...

Image of Berrys Manufacturing Gunsmith's Versacradle

Berrys Manufacturing Gunsmith's Versacradle

Unique gun vise adjusts in almost unlimited directions for easy access when working on your rifle or shotgun. Ball joint swivel allows smooth rotation horizontally, vertically, and 360 in a horizontal plane; with a locking lever to hold the position....

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Image of Shurhold 3100 Dual Action Polisher

Shurhold 3100 Dual Action Polisher

Dual action, 6-inch oscillating head. Quick-change pads with Velcro backing. Same great finish, without burns or swirls. Less-experienced, everyday users can achieve great results. Waxing and buffing cuts everything in half: time, effort and amount of...

Image of Diversitech GG-1A Drain Pan

Diversitech GG-1A Drain Pan

The product is highly durable. Product category; Rough plumbing. Made in United states.

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