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Image of Connelly Kick Kneeboard

Connelly Kick Kneeboard

This fully equipped multi-purpose soft-top board is a must have for any boat, beach or pool. Surf, skate, boogie, lay down, stand up, this board can handle it all. The Kick features ding free soft construction, and is fitted with a ultra-grippy, soft...

Image of Connelly Mirage Kneeboard

Connelly Mirage Kneeboard

The Mirage was designed to blend a high performance, twin tip shape with a long sidecut radius for a stable, relaxed ride. The built in handle hook makes learning simple. Set the rope in the front hook while adjusting your knee into position. Secure yourself...

Image of Connelly Scarab Kneeboard

Connelly Scarab Kneeboard

The Scarab is the best all-around family kneeboard on the market. Builtfor speed and durability in the twin tip design. The Scarab delivers in performance and value. Place the handle on the front Hook where the rider can properly adjust the knee strap...

Image of Connelly The Thing Kneeboard

Connelly The Thing Kneeboard

No other multi-purpose board has this much fun built into one package. All new and in a category of its own, The Thing offers various ways to have fun on the water. Whether you want to surf, kneeboard or simply get pulled behind the boat, The Thing has...

Image of HO Agent Kneeboard

HO Agent Kneeboard

When you watch Frankie Panno ride, you know you are witnessing something special. No one attacks the wakes like Frankie and his creative eye for cutting-edge stunts is single handedly pushing kneeboarding to new heights. HO is fortunate to have a legend...

Image of HO Electron Kneeboard

HO Electron Kneeboard

The HO Electron Kneeboard was designed with a diamond tip and tail for quick release off the wake and effortless spin initiation. Its molded in fins allow for maximum stability and control while the large orthotic knee pad gives you a comfortable rid....

Image of HO Joker Kneeboard
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Image of HO Neutron Kneeboard

HO Neutron Kneeboard

HO Neutron Kneeboard

Image of HO Proton Kneeboard

HO Proton Kneeboard

HO Proton Kneeboard

Image of HO Reflex Kneeboard

HO Reflex Kneeboard

The Reflex is the first board ever designed for cable-park freestyle riding. It''s fully machined wood core allows for flex across features while the Sintered Enduro Base keeps it super durable. With a 45 degree Micro Edge Bevel, 360 degree ABS Sidewall...

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