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Image of Black Diamond Carbon Whippet Probe

Black Diamond Carbon Whippet Probe

For steep, icey bootpacks and added self-arrest security on mega-steep, no-fall terrain. This is the most compact whippet you can find on the planet with 3-section packability; perfect for splitboarding. Stainless steel pick with canard wing built into...

Image of Burton G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins

Burton G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins

The ultimate splitboard climbing skins. G3 creates backcountry equipment for guides and avalanche professionals who make the mountains their office. Their trusted reputation of work-grade reliability and ingenuity is the reason why Burton picked G3 to...

Image of Jones Nomad w/ Universal Tail Clip Splitboard Skins

Jones Nomad w/ Universal Tail Clip Splitboard Skins

Not all splitboard skins are created equal. Some glide well, but are slippery on the steeps. Others are like velcro - great for climbing, terrible for touring. Jones Nomad Climbing Skins eliminate this issue as these 70% Mohair / 30% Synthetic Nylon skins...

Image of K2 Kwicker Crampon Splitboard Accessories

K2 Kwicker Crampon Splitboard Accessories

So simple and fast, the Kwicker crampon is the secret extra advantage that rounds out thesystem. Ultralight and bombproof the crampon engages snow in either the elevated heel orflat skinning position. With the ability to be mounted and removed without...

Image of Karakoram Connect Splitboard Kit

Karakoram Connect Splitboard Kit

The easiest way to step into the backcountry. Turns your All-Mountain Primes into splitboard bindings. Comes with Toepiece adapter and Prime Connect Splitboard Interface.

Image of Karakoram Crampons

Karakoram Crampons

Karakoram Splitboard Crampons have a unique design that gives you the grip of a fi xed ski crampon with the ease of touring from a floating crampon.

Image of Karakoram Flex Lock Binding Clip

Karakoram Flex Lock Binding Clip

The Flex Lock can be added to any Karakoram binding, providing the ultimate side hilling leverage. Simply flip the Flex Lock to engage lateral stiffness and flip the lever back to regain lateral flex for ride mode.

Image of Spark R&D Ibex Crampons

Spark R&D Ibex Crampons

The Ibex Crampon is 4WD for your splitboard. Designed to work seamlessly with all Tesla and Tesla T1 System bindings including the Burton Hitchhiker. Lightweight aluminum construction for max strength and minimum weight. Installation and removal is effortless...

Image of Spark R&D Pucks

Spark R&D Pucks

Finally, a breakthrough in puck design. Near infinite adjustability is now available for splitboards built with inserts. The unique, patent-pending design gives the Spark Pucks channel-like adjustability for regular splitboards. * Oversized aluminum...

Image of Spark R&D Splitboard Skins

Spark R&D Splitboard Skins

Spark''s popular splitboard skins are back again! High traction skin material manufactured by G3 is the perfect combination of stick, slide, and grip. Equipped with their patented tailclips, these babies get you to the top with less effort and more style....

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