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Image of Hyperlite 41 Stylus Wakeskates

Image of Hyperlite 42" Paragon Wakeskate

Image of Hyperlite 43 Stylus Wakeskates

Image of Liquid Force Focus Wakeskate

Liquid Force Focus Wakeskate

Whether you are new to the sport or just a skater on a budget, the FOCUS is the perfect wake skate for a pull behind any boat or PWC. The FOCUS uses the same professionally designed 9-ply wood deck of our higher end skate and shaves some money by covering...

Image of Liquid Force Reflex Wakeskate

Liquid Force Reflex Wakeskate

The Obscura team wants to see everyone have a blast riding a wake skate, so we built a playful shape with fun in mind. With a 9-Ply wood construction the REFLEX has a solid feel on the water and in the air. The 3D EVA deck traction provides extra control...

Image of Liquid Force Tao Wakeskate

Liquid Force Tao Wakeskate

Liquid Force''s TAO skate was built for Danial Grant to be the most bombproof wake skate on the market. Whether you are hitting the dock, ledge, kicker, rails of just the wake, the TAO was designed to conquer it all. Daniel choose a Hybrid construction...

Image of Ronix Boomstick Bi Level Wakeskate

Ronix Boomstick Bi Level Wakeskate

The heavyweight bi-level Boomstick is composed of a solid, snappy, skatey, eco-friendly, super saucy wood with a smooth concave, making it easier to always land on the bolts. Several dusks and dawns ago, Reed Hansen and the boys sourced some lively materials...

Image of Ronix Electric Collective Wakeskate

Ronix Electric Collective Wakeskate

Created with a smooth, explosive lift similar to the Boomstick, with built-in concave/kicktail for skaters looking for stability and board control. Without being anymore sensationalized than we already are, we think we found a way to bottle the emotion...

Image of Ronix Rove Karver Wakeskate

Ronix Rove Karver Wakeskate

Ever wanted to strip everything off a deck, slap some big ol’ fins on the back, chuck your boots and just go for a soul turn sesh? More surface area and deeper fins than any of our other skates – giving you the stability of your favorite longboard...

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